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When to Have “The Talk” With Your Parents

Are you wondering when to have the talk with your parents? The one about getting them some assisted living. It’s not easy conversation, but it shouldn’t be avoided. When is it time to approach your parents about needing help around the house? Is it time to bring in a home care caregiver? It’s difficult to…
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Is it Time to Give Up the Car Keys?

There are no studies that indicate a particular age when a driver becomes impaired to the point when they should give up driving. A lot of other factors, besides age, are important considerations. Seniors themselves need to be aware of the clues that tell them they’ve become a risk on the road. If a senior…
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Top Signs You Should Consider Home Care for Your Parents

As our parents age, the time will come when they will need to be cared for on some level. How do you know when it’s time to have “the talk?” We’ve prepared a quiz that provides the top signs you should consider home care for your parents. These red flags are what you should look…
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How to Parent a Parent in Your Home

As our population ages, the individuals born towards the end of the baby boomer generation are gaining new responsibility in caring for their elderly parents. While statistics support the fact that adult daughters are usually the responsible party as their parents age, sons are rapidly gaining in popularity as caregivers. Learning how to parent a…
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Home Care Benefits

In-Home Care Helps Seniors Stay at Home Longer

If you’re responsible for an aging parent whose physical or mental faculties aren’t what they used to be, you know it’s time for a change. You may worry about Mom or Dad falling at home, becoming more reclusive, or trying to hide his or her infirmities. You might live out of town making it difficult…
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Tired Burned Out

How to Prevent Eldercare Caregiver Burnout

Taking care of elderly parents is a demanding job that can tax you physically, emotionally and financially, and if you are wondering how to prevent eldercare caregiver burnout, you aren’t alone. A parent that can’t be left alone due to dementia or incontinence will complicate matters further. In general, parents can be difficult simply because…
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Why Senior Falls Occur

Anyone with elderly relatives or friends knows that one of the many problems associated with old age is an increasing likelihood of falling. Falls, especially frequent falls, have many adverse consequences for the individual, the family and the health and social services. Are you wondering why senior falls occur and what to do about it?…
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Helpful Tips to Pay for Home Health Care Miles

Helpful Tips to Pay for Home Health Care Services

Medical health care used to be offered in the hospital or at long term health facilities such as nursing homes, but can now be offered in the comfort of your own home. Home health care is cheaper, more convenient and is similarly effective in terms of the service you receive at a medical or long…
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A Quick Overview of Home Care

In the event that one gets a long term sickness or an injury that will require long term care, the majority of people opt to get long term care at home. The reasons for this are many, but chief among them are that being at home allows a person to continue with their normal life…
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5 Tips For Handling Conflicts

Misunderstandings and conflicts can happen between any two people. Having different ideas about how to solve a problem or what to do in a situation is part of what makes each of us unique as a person, but those differences also may create conflict. When a conflict arises, talk it over with the individual. You…
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