You’re Never Too Old To

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You’re Never Too Old To

You're Never Too Old To

There exists a never-ending list of things you’re never too old to do, whether you are experiencing diminishing mental and physical capabilities or not. Let’s look at 9 of those suggestions today!

You’re Never Too Old To….

You’re never too old to smell the roses. If taken literally, this might need to be removed from the list since our sense of smell diminishes as we age and at some point, the fragrance of roses may only be a memory. However, when considering the true meaning of the sentiment, perhaps you’re never too old to look around and find something beautiful at which to be amazed. This could include enjoying the attention of family and friends, recognizing the wisdom acquired through experience, and recalling the blessings associated with various individuals who have graced your life. It can also still be the simple things….feeling the breeze, enjoying the sunset, and remembering the awe of the ocean even if walking on the sand is no longer appealing.

You’re never too old to smile. When challenged to find something to smile about, force the corners of the mouth to turn upward, regardless of how you feel, and you’ll be reminded of what smiling feels like. When life gets you down, practice smiling about the things that always gave you pleasure, and let the smile help you pull pleasure from the past into the present. Smiling is one of our greatest gifts – our smiles spread love and kindness and when we smile, we feel good.

You’re never too old to make a new friend. Friendship can mean appreciating the new neighbor who has volunteered to bring your mail every day, or the receptionist at the physician’s office who never forgets your name. Perhaps friendship now comes in the form of licks from the new puppy your great-grandson just received for his birthday. Even the briefest encounters with a kind and gentle person can feel like friendship and therefore add to your quality of life.

You’re never too old to connect with old friends. The world has gotten smaller and someone you know has the technology skills to track down the children or grandchildren of someone who was once dear to you. It’s never too late to reconnect with old friends and family.

You’re never too old to be grateful. Unfortunately, ungratefulness can show up at any age and circumstance, but it is the oldest among us who can best view the past from a different perspective. They can realize the beauties and blessings that have always been there, even though they might have been overlooked or unrecognized years ago.

You’re never too old to forgive someone. You don’t even have to be looking at the person when you say I forgive you. Say it in your spirit and mean it. Relieve yourself of the load you carried for too many years. Put old wounds in their proper perspective because you deserve to be free of their influence.

You’re never too old to give and receive love. Little children and old folks make a great team. Grandparents, parents, and children make great memories. The wonderful care team who comes to your home or serves you in a medical setting need your encouragement as much you need theirs.

You’re never too old to change your mind. You thought you wanted potatoes for dinner and now you don’t. You thought you wanted to visit a friend today and now you don’t. You thought you wanted to replace your old recliner and now you don’t. Good for you!

You’re never too old to share your wisdom. Speak of the lessons you’ve learned even if you think no one is interested. Even when you think no is listening. Even when you assume no one could benefit from knowing what you know. It is your responsibility to share what you know even if your audience chooses to ignore the lessons woven into your narrative, but in most cases, someone will hear them and take them to heart.

You’re never too old to close your eyes, take a breath, and allow your body and mind to relax. In the end, all is well.