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Questions to Ask Home Care Agencies

Getting the Home Ready for Home Care

Since most homes are not designed to accommodate the needs of people over age 65, home modifications are usually necessary to make it possible for seniors to stay in their homes. As part of your initial home care assessment, your home care agency or nurse should provide you with an inventory of suggested home modifications…
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Tips for Living Independently With a Disability-FDP-Praisaeng

6 Tips for Living Independently With a Disability

These days, it is easier than ever for people with a disability to live independently in their own homes. Living independently doesn’t mean they can do everything themselves; it just means they want the same amount of control over their lives as those who don’t have disabilities, and they do what is necessary to ensure…
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What is Companion Care?

We get this question all the time: What is companion care? It’s a simple concept, but until you understand what it is, it can sound foreign. Companion care is provided in the home by a caregiver whose main role is to provide companionship for the client. The time spent together can include some personal care…
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5 Reasons to Use In-Home Health Care

There are so many reasons for using home care services, but there are some that stand out above the rest. Here are the top 5 reasons to use in-home health care services for your loved one: Home Comfort – In-home health care allows the patient/client to remain in their home while being cared for. Home…
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What is Personal Care?

If you’ve looked into home health care at all, you have probably seen the phrase personal care floating around, but you might be wondering, “what is personal care anyway?” Actually, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Personal care is anything that helps the patient handle personal care tasks. This includes everyday activities that most…
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Disability Home Care

Home Care Options for a Disability

A disability doesn’t have to change your life as drastically as you might think, and a nursing home or assisted living facility doesn’t have to be your first choice. People with disabilities usually do better, and even thrive, when they can remain at home. That’s why there are home care options for a disability. Home…
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How to Manage Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful disease that ails about 30 million Americans every year, and while it can certainly detract from your quality of life, there are ways to manage arthritis to reduce its painful effects. Too many people rely on pain killers to manage their arthritis, but taking too much medication can lead to other…
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How to Cope With a Disability

How to Cope With a Disability

Knowing how to cope with a disability can be an incredible challenge. Typically having a disability means it will be harder and take longer to perform certain activities, and it might make doing certain things impossible. Nobody wants to live that way, but there are ways to reduce the frustration and difficulty of dealing with…
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8 Tips for Improving Quality of Life With a Disability

Disabilities are more common than most people think. Most disabilities are the result of an accident, injury, aging or illness, and although most people think having a disability leads to a lower quality of life, the good news is that there are some easy things you can do to improve your quality of life. These…
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