• 5 Tips for Talking With a Loved One About a Care Plan

    There comes a time when having a talk with a loved one about a care plan for him or her will be necessary. It’s a tough conversation to have for many people. That’s why we are providing you with the following tips for talking with a loved one about a care plan:

    1)   Have the Talk Ahead of Time – The first and most important tip for talking with a loved one about a care plan is to do so before the care is needed. This is key because if you wait, having that conversation gets a lot more difficult. Depending on what health issues your loved one is experiencing at that time, he or she might not be able to adequately contribute to the discussion or make proper decisions. Since the last thing you want to do is create a care situation that they are uncomfortable with, having the discussion ahead of time allows your loved one to properly express their wishes.

    2)   Tips for Talking With a Loved One About a Care Program-FDP-worradmuBe Open-Minded – If you go into the conversation with preconceived ideas of what your loved one will say, you could end up in a heated argument when things are said that you weren’t expecting. It is best to approach the subject with a completely open mind, being willing to hear and understand what is important to your loved one.

    3)   Be Honest and Forthcoming – While it is important to be open-minded and understanding, it is also important not to hide information or tip-toe around certain issues. Explain the facts and then compassionately come to the compromise that is going to work in your family’s specific situation.

    4)   Realize Your Loved One Might Get Angry – Coming to a point in your life when you need to relinquish control, no matter what amount, is distressing and you need to be prepared for the emotions that could come along with it. Be understanding and calmly express that you understand this is upsetting, and then continue by saying that it is important to discuss nevertheless.

    5)   Do Something Fun Afterwards – After a tough conversation like that, it’s important to leave it on a high note. Have something planned ahead of time that you can enjoy as a family.

    We hope these tips for talking with a loved one about a care plan were helpful. For additional information, you might want to check out our article called When to Have “The Talk” With Your Parents or Top Signs You Should Consider Home Care for Your Parents.

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