13 Fun Tips to Keep You Young in Your Senior Years

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13 Fun Tips to Keep You Young in Your Senior Years

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Youth isn’t only for the young; it is also for the young at heart, because when you have youth in your heart, you act in ways that keep you young. Here are 13 fun tips to keep you young in your senior years:

Think Positively About Aging

It may not sound important, but one of the things “young seniors” have in common is that they don’t think poorly of aging. The truth is you are only as old as you allow yourself to feel. That’s why one of our top tips to keep you young is to stop fearing getting older. If you believe aging is no big deal, you will continue going about life the way you always have. Practice prevention strategies and strive to be like the many seniors who enjoy vitality, health and happiness.

Grandad With Grandkids_freedigitalphotos.net-photostockNever Stop Dreaming

When you stop setting goals for yourself and your life, you stop living to your full potential. Just because you are 60 or 70 or even 80 doesn’t mean you can’t have dreams to work towards. The way to stay young is to never give up your dreams.

Don’t Lose Your Purpose

As we age, the things that used to give us purpose change or go away, such as raising kids and having a career. When this happens, depression and sadness can set in, and that can accelerate the aging process while decreasing our sense of health and wellbeing. The key is to always maintain a sense of purpose. Just because you don’t have the same purpose doesn’t mean you don’t have a purpose. Look at the bright side: you may finally have time to pursue a new purpose that you didn’t have time for before.

Don’t Slow Down

Feeling old is a self-fulfilling prophecy because if you feel too old to do something you would have done when you were younger, you’ll refrain from doing it. That means your body will adjust to doing less, making it harder and harder for you to ever do it again. To engage in one of the best tips to keep you young, don’t slow down! Keep going because a body in motion stays in motion.

Walk Daily

Walking is one of the best things you can do for the health of your body, mind and soul. Those who walk daily enjoy better physical and mental health, keeping them young and agile.

Read Daily

As seniors enter their retirement years, they find themselves enjoying a vacation from all the mental work they used to do, but to stay young, it is important to keep your mind sharp. Many people find that reading things they are passionate about helps their minds function optimally.

Let Go of Stress

As we age, we experience many life changes that include things like empty nest syndrome, career changes, retirement, loss of spouse, loss of parents and friends, declining health, and loss of independence. It is inevitable that you will experience stressful situations like these, but the way you handle the stress will have a huge impact on your health and your rate of aging. Strive to adapt to the changes in your life, maintain a sense of gratitude and positivity, and try to counteract fear and anxiety with things that make you happy.

Maintain Your Sense of Humor

If you were going to ask seniors who seem younger than they are what are their top tips to keep you young, many of them would say laughter is the key. There is nothing comparable to laughter when it comes to healing the mind and body. Learn to laugh at life, and be sure to surround yourself with people and things that make you laugh.

Have New Adventures

As life changes during the aging process, we usually end up having more time to ourselves. One of the most youthful ways to enjoy your time is to have new adventures that will keep you feeling alive and young. You might want to start a hobby you always wanted to try but never had time for, travel the world, or even go back to school.

Enjoy the People in Your Life

Now that you have less demands on you, it is time to enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. Play with your grandchildren, get out with your friends, and gather with your family for dinner.


Volunteering is something seniors can do to enrich their lives and renew a sense of purpose. Many seniors swear by this tip for maintaining your youth. Plus, it helps them get out and interact with others.

Drink Water

Water boosts energy and flushes out toxins that age the body. Plus, older adults are more prone to dehydration. Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and free or toxins.

Get Regular Screening Tests

One of best ways to be young well into your senior years is to stay on top of any illnesses that do come up and catch them before they wreak havoc on the body. Make sure you get your screenings on a regular basis.


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