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5 Reasons to Use In-Home Health Miles

5 Reasons to Use In-Home Health Care

There are so many reasons for using home care services, but there are some that stand out above the rest. Here are the top 5 reasons to use in-home health care services for your loved one: Home Comfort – In-home health care allows the patient/client to remain in their home while being cared for. Home…
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What is Personal Care?

If you’ve looked into home health care at all, you have probably seen the phrase personal care floating around, but you might be wondering, “what is personal care anyway?” Actually, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Personal care is anything that helps the patient handle personal care tasks. This includes everyday activities that most…
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Disability Home Care

Home Care Options for a Disability

A disability doesn’t have to change your life as drastically as you might think, and a nursing home or assisted living facility doesn’t have to be your first choice. People with disabilities usually do better, and even thrive, when they can remain at home. That’s why there are home care options for a disability. Home…
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Skilled Nursing Home Care

What is Transitional Care?

Transitional care helps improve independence after a hospital stay, allowing patients to return home instead of to a long-term care facility after a procedure or illness. It is given for a limited amount of time, typically from a couple days to several weeks or months. Leaving the hospital with a chronic condition and new instructions…
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Home Care Selection Tips

If you’ve been looking for some home care selection tips, you aren’t alone. Finding the right care is something that weighs on every caregiver’s mind as they start the journey of caring for someone in need. Perhaps you have been caring for someone, but you feel you need to take things to the next level.…
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Why is Respite Care Important Image

Why is Respite Care Important?

Respite care is a term that is often misunderstood. Many people associate it with being selfish, frivolous or unnecessary. It is extremely undervalued by those who don’t really understand it, and for those who do understand and use it, it is something they can’t live without. In order to answer the question, Why is respite…
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When to Have “The Talk” With Your Parents

Are you wondering when to have the talk with your parents? The one about getting them some assisted living. It’s not easy conversation, but it shouldn’t be avoided. When is it time to approach your parents about needing help around the house? Is it time to bring in a home care caregiver? It’s difficult to…
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Top Signs You Should Consider Home Care for Your Parents

As our parents age, the time will come when they will need to be cared for on some level. How do you know when it’s time to have “the talk?” We’ve prepared a quiz that provides the top signs you should consider home care for your parents. These red flags are what you should look…
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How to Parent a Parent in Your Home

As our population ages, the individuals born towards the end of the baby boomer generation are gaining new responsibility in caring for their elderly parents. While statistics support the fact that adult daughters are usually the responsible party as their parents age, sons are rapidly gaining in popularity as caregivers. Learning how to parent a…
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Home Care Benefits

In-Home Care Helps Seniors Stay at Home Longer

If you’re responsible for an aging parent whose physical or mental faculties aren’t what they used to be, you know it’s time for a change. You may worry about Mom or Dad falling at home, becoming more reclusive, or trying to hide his or her infirmities. You might live out of town making it difficult…
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