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How to Talk to Your Child About Their Illness-FDP-David Castillo Dominici

How to Talk to Your Child About Their Illness

Talking to your child about their illness is certainly a touchy subject. It can be difficult to know what to say, what not to say and even how to act around your child. You want to protect them, but you know you can’t leave them fully in the dark. Discussions obviously depend upon the age…
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Is it Dementia, or Just Memory Loss?

As we age, there is a certain amount of memory loss that is normal, and there is some memory loss that points to a bigger issue. Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand the subtle differences. That’s why we put together the following examples of normal memory loss and signs of dementia: Normal Memory Loss:…
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Companion Care

What is Companion Care?

We get this question all the time: What is companion care? It’s a simple concept, but until you understand what it is, it can sound foreign. Companion care is provided in the home by a caregiver whose main role is to provide companionship for the client. The time spent together can include some personal care…
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5 Reasons to Use In-Home Health Miles

5 Reasons to Use In-Home Health Care

There are so many reasons for using home care services, but there are some that stand out above the rest. Here are the top 5 reasons to use in-home health care services for your loved one: Home Comfort – In-home health care allows the patient/client to remain in their home while being cared for. Home…
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What is Personal Care?

If you’ve looked into home health care at all, you have probably seen the phrase personal care floating around, but you might be wondering, “what is personal care anyway?” Actually, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Personal care is anything that helps the patient handle personal care tasks. This includes everyday activities that most…
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What is Accompaniment Transportation?

Accompaniment transportation may sound like a mouthful, but its name is a great description of what it is. This type of transportation is the perfect solution for loved ones who need or want to be accompanied when away from the home. It ensures they won’t be confined to their house, that there will be a…
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How to Avoid Being Readmitted to the

How to Avoid Being Readmitted to the Hospital

It’s not uncommon for people who have been discharged from the hospital to end up being readmitted a couple weeks later. While this is common, in most cases, it is avoidable. You are the key to your health, so you need to take an active role in your recovery. Here are our best tips for…
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Disability Home Care

Home Care Options for a Disability

A disability doesn’t have to change your life as drastically as you might think, and a nursing home or assisted living facility doesn’t have to be your first choice. People with disabilities usually do better, and even thrive, when they can remain at home. That’s why there are home care options for a disability. Home…
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Skilled Nursing Home Care

What is Transitional Care?

Transitional care helps improve independence after a hospital stay, allowing patients to return home instead of to a long-term care facility after a procedure or illness. It is given for a limited amount of time, typically from a couple days to several weeks or months. Leaving the hospital with a chronic condition and new instructions…
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Tips to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Social skills don’t come easy to every child and unfortunately they are not skills that are taught in school. Many children can benefit dramatically from additional skill building tools and tips to help them build and maintain friendships. It can also have strong positive implications on how that child will interact in their job and…
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